Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Foot In Both Worlds

Welcome to the King’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast blog, and thank you for your interest in King’s Cottage for a luxurious and romantic stay in Lancaster County.

When most people plan a potential trip to Lancaster, a few thoughts immediately come to mind: the Amish, farmlands, and rich history. While all of those things are true of Lancaster County, many forget about the urban paradise that is downtown Lancaster. King’s Cottage is one of the few locations to offer the best of both worlds, keeping one foot in the rich history of the Amish farmlands, while leaving the other foot in downtown Lancaster for fine dining and incredible entertainment.

Your stay at King’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast does not end with a cozy bed and a gourmet breakfast. The Innkeepers and experienced staff are always on hand to provide guests with information on local stores, restaurants, and historic sites to ensure that each guest makes the most out of their stay in Lancaster County. As Innkeepers, we have handpicked our favorite local businesses, eliminating any guess work for guests so they can enjoy their entire stay in peace.

The history of the Amish, their farmlands, and the great history of Lancaster is known to many, but an equally important aspect of any trip to Lancaster is the city. Downtown Lancaster offers some of the best restaurants and entertainment in Pennsylvania. From upscale dining at restaurants like The Belvedere Inn to the plethora of microbreweries and wineries; there is a place to relax for everyone.

Downtown Lancaster is also known for its constantly evolving art and theatre scene. The Fulton Theatre is a staple of downtown Lancaster, offering shows like “Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story,” “Les Misérables,” and “Seussical the Musical” through this coming June. We also offer special theatre pricing when tickets are purchased with your stay.

With this in mind, be sure to plan your next trip to Lancaster County with King’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast. Not only do guests receive upscale accommodations and gourmet breakfast close to downtown Lancaster, but the scenic, peaceful Lancaster Amish countryside is just a short drive away. The location is perfect for guests who want to experience Lancaster County's rich history, but also wish to be a part of a vibrant nightlife. We look forward to seeing you soon, and our official greeter, Sampson, will meet you at the door!

-Ann & Janis, King's Cottage Innkeepers

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